Jun 15, 2009

Disc Filter Features Pleated Media Design

With its high filtration capacity and compact design, the Forty-X disc filter captures more solids in a smaller footprint and includes a 10-micron absolute media rating. The pleated pan design includes a robust pressure-assisted seal that allows the panel to sustain and operate at twice the headloss of any other flat panel disc filter in the marketplace. The trash-tolerant filter panel housing design ensures the unhindered flow of water between panels and the proper rejection of plastics, algae clumps and other floatables. The wind-safe sliding covers on the tank are another feature that make accessibility and maintenance easy.

It offers flexibility for a broad range of flows and filtration applications including tertiary filtration, water reuse and process water filtration.

It provides consistent effluent quality, maintenance-free operation and high operational headloss capabilities, as well as easy retrofitting into existing traveling bridge filters and concrete basins. It is compliant with the State of California Water Recycling Criteria (Title 22), which requires filtration technologies to reliably meet specific performance parameters for wastewater reuse applications. Reuse water can be used for urban landscaping, agriculture, decorative lakes and fish hatcheries and a wide range of industrial applications.

Siemens Water Technologies is at ACE09, AWWA’s 2009 Annual Conference and Exposition, at booth no. 1429 in hall F.