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Calgary, CA T1Y 4T7


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Calgary, CA T1Y 4T7

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Variperm is a leading sand control products and services company specializing in custom filtration screens, flow control technology, gravel pack services, supply of quality cased hole fishing tools and services, well abandonment solutions, and a full suite of completion and work-over tools. Our very name derives from the concept of Variable Permeability – the ability to change permeability in order to control results. And that’s what we do: our customized sand control solutions allow our customers to respond quickly to the ever-changing variability of their vertical and horizontal well operations. Variperm’s location in Calgary, Alberta - the heart of oil country - allows local corporate producers and marketers viable access to our engineering, manufacturing and sales production teams. This results in enhanced collaboration with our customers, direct access to our manufacturing operation for our sales, engineering & management teams which helps ensure minimal operational downtime and overall budget containment.