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Katy, US 77492

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Progressing Cavity pumps

When it comes to handling high, viscous, slurries, sludges and shear sensitive liquids, ACCA Progressive Cavity Pumps are at the front of efficiency and durability. Qualified application engineers are available to answer questions in all different aspects of manufacturing and designing the right pump for you. Needing a pump to replace a current application without modifying baseplate and/or piping? We will guide you through the selection process, and follow-up after installation to guarantee fit and performance. Special features like these are why our progressing cavity pumps do a job in a variety of applications.

Centrifugal Pumps

ACCA offers a complete line of replacement spare parts and pumps that will fit a number of models and sizes of the most common ANSI and API centrifugal pumps in the market today. The high standards that have been made in the PC market go into each centrifugal pump and part supplied by us. Our commitment is to reduce your overall cost and delivery of long lead items without the compromise of quality.

Pump Parts for Progressing Cavity Pumps

ACCA Pumps manufactures and distributes aftermarket pump spare parts to fit most common progressing cavity Pumps at waste water treatment plants. Our spare parts program that includes rotors, stators, drive shaft, connecting rods, and others have been reverse engineered to fit Moyno, Seepex, and Netzsch. Our approach have always been to outperform Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) in quality and delivery.

Spare Parts to Fit Moyno Pump Models

Most common models of Moyno Pumps at wastewater treatment plants include the Series 2000. ACCA Pumps manufactures spare parts to fit these pumps and most common sets of rotors, stators, gear joints, con rods and drive shaft ship from stock. All ACCA Pumps spare parts are made to fit and perform as the OEM and are backed up by our standard two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Pump Parts to fit Seepex Models

Our comprehensive delivery programs includes complete rotating assemblies, stators, and mechanical seals to fit nearly all models of Seepex Pumps, handling sludge or metering polymers and other chemicals at WWTP. This includes standard geometry of rotors and stators, as well as the more elongated configurations and higher flows, such as the L pattern in Seepex pumps.

Aftermarket Parts to fit Netzsch Pumps

ACCA Pumps supplies stators, rotors, and drive end parts for Pin Joint and Gear Joint fitted Netzsch Pumps NE Series and NM Series. Our standard stator compounds for Netzsch pumps come in Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, and Natural Rubber. Other compounds are available upon request. Most common rotors are supplied with either Stainless Steel 316 or Tool Steel base material and hardened Chrome Plating to 250μ and more for all wastewater pump applications.