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William (Bill) Danshin Grand Forks, BC Canada V0H 1H5 [email protected] Phone: 1-360-450-3659 /Mobile: 1-604-219-7898/ Skype: bdanshin SUMMARY OF SKILLS AND SERVICES • Business Owner – Environmental, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Construction – Civil, Structural – Residential, Commercial- Multi-level Buildings, Package Homes • Independent Contractor – Logging, Mining, Construction, Management, Sales & Service • Sales/Marketing & Operations Manager – Commercial Explosives, Logging, Construction • Environmental Services– Ground Water Remediation/Drainage & Erosion Control, Water & Wastewater Treatment. • Estimator – Infrastructure Bidding & Tendering • Superintendent – Construction, Logging, Road Building, Site Service Projects • Commercial Explosives Expert – Mining, Logging, Road Building, Construction, Urban Development • Certified Blaster – Urban Blasting Endorsement • Heavy Equipment Operator – Excavators, Trucks, Dozers, Drills, etc. PROFILE President - PWC Pure Water Corporation / Steel-Tech Building Systems. Operations Management Technology - Education from British Columbia Institute of Technology. Headline: Entrepreneur/Businessman/Independent Contractor Skills: Business, Entrepreneurship, Languages, Leadership, Management, Global Network of Business Associates/|Professionals/Technologies. Deliver Value In: Sustainable Development, Environmental Projects, Water Purification, Wastewater Treatment, Solid Waste Reuse/Recycle Technologies, Renewable Energy, Creating Profits. Schools: Languages: British Columbia Institute of Technology English and Russian WORK EXPERIENCE Employer: PWC, Pure Water Corporation, Delta, BC Position: President Time period: January 1993 - Present Description: Establish participants for joint ventures to build large water, wastewater, renewable energy and related infrastructure projects, globally. Have business relationships globally to manufacture, deliver and service water purification and wastewater treatment equipment, renewable energy needs worldwide. Represent many global manufacturers and technology providers of water purification, wastewater treatment, solid waste recycling, renewable energy and sustainable development technologies. Employer: Steel-Tech Building Systems Div. of PWC, Pure Water Corporation Position: Owner and Operator Time period: January 2006 - Present Description: Packaged homes using re-cycled products, green technologies, renewable energy products. Construct Multi-level residential/commercial building using unique (LSF –Load Bearing Steel Stud Frame) construction technique. Employer: Steeler Inc., Surrey, BC Position: Sales Manager Time period: January 2003 - December 2005 Description: Market and sell steel stud framing materials and drywall products to the construction industry in BC and Alberta, Canada. Constructed of first load-bearing multi-level steel-stud composite joist building in Western Canada. Employer: Continental Explosives Ltd., Richmond, BC Position: Area Manager Time period: December 2003 Description: Introduce a wide variety of new commercial explosives and detonation systems to Mining, Construction, Logging Industries in BC. Provide blasting consulting services to urban development, industrial/commercial site service projects. EDUCATION University: British Columbia Institute of Technology Degree: Operations Management Technology