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Burlington, US 08016


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Burlington, US 08016

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International Products Corporation (IPC) is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing company located in Burlington, NJ, USA. IPC produces and markets two lines of specialty chemical products: precision cleaners and P-80® temporary rubber assembly lubricants. The full-line of precision cleaners include a line of membrane cleaners and RO and NF antiscalants that restore 100% flux at safe pH ranges. Our proprietary formulated cleaners maximize productivity and extend membrane life without the use of harmful solvents. All cleaners are registered with the NSF as USDA A1 cleaners. P-80® Temporary Rubber Lubricants are the perfect solution for pump and seal repairs, they have been used for years by treatment plant operators to maintain equipment and replace parts such as seals, O-rings, hoses, grommets, and plugs.