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Alpharetta, US 30005-3900

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Siemens industrial manufacturing software, process automation, and automation and drives technology increases flexibility, cuts market launch lead time, and significantly reduces energy or wastewater costs for manufacturing companies. The result is increased sustainability for our customers, while driving their competitive strengths.

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Utility Management


April 3, 2018
The Sitrans F M Mag 5100W magmeter, with its patented ebonite liner, is a sensor for applications such as groundwater, drinking water, cooling water, wastewater, sewage or sludge...

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Automating Pumping Station Monitoring

July 15, 2002
Challenge The Town of Cobourg, located near Toronto, Canada, has reduced operating cost at its wastewater pumping station by 30% after an upgrade to the plant's monitoring and...
Case Studies

Sludge Monitoring

July 15, 2002
Challenge Monitoring sludge levels in clarifiers is important for efficient operation of a wastewater treatment plant, but accurate measurement has traditionally been a challenge...

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Utility Management

Executive Cybersecurity Forum for Water and Wastewater

Oct. 11, 2021
What does it take for the water and wastewater sector to be ready for cyber threats?