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Rio Rancho, US 87124

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OPS provides Water and Wastewater plants Operations, Laboratory & Maintenance Software. OPS Strategic Data Management software is Summary, Reporting, and Analysis tools for any size facility. OPS SQL Enterprise & OPS SQL Professional for Oracle/MSSQL platforms, OPS SQL Express and OPS SQL Lite includes an MSDE database. JOB Cal Maintenance software - color-coded calendar quickly shows you what needs to be done. JOB Plus expands JOB Cal to track purchasing, inventory, vendors and more. Our Telecation division provides the Aspen LIMS software system. Sample Log-in, Work Scheduling, Sample Tracking, Sample Test Validation and more.

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Utility Management

Handling Zeros in Geometric Mean Calculation

Nov. 5, 2019
Geometric mean is the anti-log of the sum of the logs divided by the number of samples