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Simple, economical and effective- the SORB 33® arsenic removal system removes arsenic to below 10 ppb across a complete range of drinking and wastewater systems. The NSF Standard 61 Approved granular Bayoxide® E33 and pelletized Bayoxide® E33P ferric oxide media fixes the contaminant onto a solid media. The media has long run times between replacement and spent media passes TCLP, offering easy, economical disposal. The low-cost, chemical-free process has little or no flow interruptions, and produces very low residual effluents.

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Case Studies

Drinking Water Treatment in Arsenic ‘Hot Spot’

April 3, 2018
Arizona community turns to Bayoxide arsenic removal media to mitigate high levels of the chemical in groundwater
Case Studies

Reducing arsenic levels with iron-based media

Nov. 21, 2007
Since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reduced the federal arsenic standard to a maximum contamination level of 10 ppb in drinking water in January 2006, attention has...
Case Studies

Arsenic Removal Technology Installed Despite Limited Time and Space

Feb. 2, 2005
Rich Dennis, Severn Trent Servicesundefined In 2001 Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc., one of the country’s largest investor-owned water utilities, began development on the Meyers Tract...