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Garden Grove, US 92841

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Sensorex manufactures high-quality process and laboratory analytics including pH electrodes, ORP electrodes, conductivity sensors, amperometric sensors for disinfectant control, and dissolved oxygen sensors. OEM manufacturing and standard products are available as well top notch technical support (over 25 year experience). Custom designing and contract manufacturing are available in addition to a wide standard range of electrodes. Please visit our website at for details.

Products & Press Releases

Sensorex PS SD7000
Wastewater Treatment


Aug. 16, 2018
The SD7000 family of Differential pH/ORP Sensors includes four new models to suit a wider range of online process monitoring applications. They feature a three-electrode, differential...
Wastewater Treatment

Free Chlorine Sensor

Aug. 8, 2018
FCL Series free chlorine sensors use amperometric measurement technology to provide accurate monitoring of free chlorine in process applications. The sensors are ideal for use...
S675-S656CD Insertion Assembly
Utility Management


April 3, 2018
Process and plant engineers looking for a simple, economical way to measure pH/ORP in pressurized tanks and main lines will find that the precision S656CD Sensor Electrode installed...
Sensorex dup
Utility Management


April 3, 2018
The FCLA 7000 eXact Photometer provides economical field spot testing, as well as fixed sensor collaboration support for the FCL400 Series Free Chlorine Sensor and CLD400 Series...
Utility Management


April 3, 2018
The new S651CD submersible electrode and S656CD insertion electrode now combine performance with lower maintenance requirements and longer life. The flat surface measuring glass...
FCLA7000 Photometer
Utility Management


April 3, 2018
The FCLA 7000 eXact photometer provides economical field spot testing as well as fixed-sensor calibration support for the FCL400 Series free chlorine sensor and CLD400 Series ...
Utility Management

Meter Accessory

April 3, 2018
The new Model PH-1 meter application accessory for the iPhone or iPod measures pH, presents the data in an easy-to-read format and supports e-mail transmission of critical readings...

Water Quality Monitor

March 17, 2015
Sensorex is now the sole manufacturer and supplier of the UVT-LED transmittance water quality monitor (formerly known as the PearlSense T254). This instrument uses efficient UV...


Feb. 24, 2014
The S465 Series probes were designed as an alternative to Acu-Trol pH and ORP probes used in swimming pool control, industrial, municipal and potable water applications. Constructed...


March 27, 2012
The DO6400 and DO6441 process dissolved oxygen sensors are reliable, fast-response submersible galvanic sensors available with either a built-in 4-20mA output signal capability...

Articles & News

Utility Management

Aseem Sharma Joins Sensorex

June 7, 2017
New president brings global management experience
Utility Management

It Takes a Village

May 8, 2017
Probes monitor water parameters for aquaculture industry in Indian village
Utility Management

Sensorex to Showcase pH/ORP Transmitters at WEFTEC

Sept. 19, 2014
TX2000 pH/ORP transmitters pair with quality sensors to provide accurate real-time data
WWD_Sensorex_Iphone_PH1 (1)
Tech Reviews

Sensorex PH-1 Meter Available for iPhone, iPAD & iPods

Nov. 7, 2012
Model is ideal for portable data collection

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Conductivity Sensor

July 12, 2011
Engineers in search of a highly accurate and low-maintenance conductivity sensing solution will find that the new TCS3020 toroidal sensor, when combined with the TCSMA toroidal...