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Flower Mound, US 75022

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Capstone Metering LLC (“Capstone”) is a Texas-based technology company that is changing the way that global water industries think about managing, controlling and conserving water by creating dialogue about the significant value of water and how industry-changing advances in technology can raise water conservation awareness. Founded in 2006 by a team of individuals rich in wireless technology coupled with solid background in water industry experience, Capstone’s roots lie in the development of remote, distributed wireless communications networks for the Department of Defense. Capstone Metering introduces its IntelliH2O® wireless water meter, built to AWWA Standards and has onboard power generation allowing for a wider feature set, remote on/off features, flexible and frequent two-way communication and the ability to read high and low pressure.

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Utility Management

Water Meter

April 3, 2018
The IntelliH2O water meter is a self-contained unit that connects to the smart grid and opens a two-way door for communication. It has the ability to self-generate power, remotely...
Utility Management

Water Meter

April 3, 2018
The IntelliH2O wireless water meter offers its customers enhanced features such as collection, storage and transmission of usage data in the meter; near-real-time remote management...
Utility Management


April 3, 2018
The IntelliH2O wireless water meter is an intelligent metering product, built to AWWA standards, that is redefining the water meter industry by offering its customers features...
Capstone IntelliH2O (181x200)


June 6, 2013
Capstone Metering LLC introduces its IntelliH2O wireless water meter, an intelligent metering product , built to AWWA standards, that is changing the water meter industry by offering...

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Feb. 13, 2013
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