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Georgetown, CA L7G 4R8

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In business for over 35 years, Solinst is dedicated to providing clients with high quality groundwater and surface water monitoring instrumentation. We offer a broad range of practical equipment, used by hydrogeologists and hydrologists around the world. Our product line features: Levelogger Dataloggers, Telemetry Systems, Water Level Meters, Interface Meters, Peristaltic Pumps, Drive-Points, Groundwater Samplers, and Multilevel Systems. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing customer service, and leading-edge instruments designed for repeatable accuracy, ease-of-use, and durability. Instruments are ideal for site characterization, spill investigations, and long-term groundwater monitoring.

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Level Meter

Aug. 9, 2018
Model 101 P7 water level meters feature extremely durable PVDF flat tape with increased tensile strength, abrasion resistance and electrical efficiency. The tape has permanent...
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Water Level Meters

April 3, 2018
Solinst Model 102 Coaxial Cable Water Level Meters now have permanent, accurate laser cable markings every 1/100 ft or each millimeter. Providing high quality at a low price, ...
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Remote Monitoring

April 3, 2018
RRL Gold Remote Radio Link is a wireless system designed to communicate with Levelogger dataloggers, collecting groundwater level, temperature, conductivity, barometric pressure...
Solinst 3001Edge
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Level Logger

April 3, 2018
The Levelogger Edge records up to 120,000 water level and temperature data points using a new linear sampling mode compression algorithm. It features improved temperature compensation...

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9500-SIM Promo Image - PR
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Simplified Solinst 4G LevelSender Telemetry with Built-in SIM Card

Sept. 10, 2021
The LevelSender Software features an easy-to-follow "wizard" to set up your LevelSender data collection schedule and data recipients. 
Solinst Symposium

Solinst Announces 2013 Groundwater Monitoring Symposium

Aug. 13, 2013
The 2013 Symposium will be held Nov. 7, 2013