Aug 22, 2006

Diesel Spills Into Florida Wastewater Plant

A diesel tank cracked and spilled approximately 100 gallons of fuel into the soil at a Naples, Fla., wastewater treatment plant.

Utilities Director Bob Middleton told the Naples News, that the diesel tanks generate power to the sewage treatment plant when the electricity goes down.

A glass tube on the side of the tanks was accidentally cracked when workers were siphoning rainwater from a catch basin beneath them. The tube is there in order to provide a few of how much diesel is left in the tank.

The fuel was below the crack, and the crew closed off the valve so that no fuel would leak. However, when fuel was added to the tank the valve did not work. This led to the diesel spill.

The city will erect a monitoring well at the site to see if any ground water was polluted. The diesel did not reach a nearby river.