Desalitech to Establish US Headquarters in Massachusetts

Company recognized in a ceremony during the Massachusetts Water Innovation Mission to Israel

Desalitech Massachusetts US headquarters

Desalitech Ltd. announced that it will be establishing its U.S. headquarters in Massachusetts. The company will use this location as its base for expanding its customer base and operations in U.S. industrial water treatment markets where most manufacturing plants require purified water for their operations.

Desalitech was recognized in a ceremony of the Massachusetts Water Innovation Mission to Israel for importance to the energy/water nexus and as a leading example of an Israeli company seizing the diverse business opportunities uniquely available in Massachusetts. The Mission has received significant support from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Development and dozens of major water companies and organizations.

"We are thrilled Desalitech is joining our nation-leading water innovation sector in Massachusetts," said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rick Sullivan. "We strongly support the innovative technologies Desalitech produces and believe they will not only increase economic development in Massachusetts, but help us accomplish several goals in our core mission: keeping our waters clean and reducing power costs."

Desalitech Ltd.

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