CDM Smith to Design-Build Monterey Peninsula Desalination Facility

The facility is part of California American Water's project to resolve the region's water supply crisis

CDM Smith desalination Monterey Peninsula California

CDM Smith will design and build a desalination facility (9.6 or 6.4 million-gal-per-day) for California American Water as part of the utility’s $320 million Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project (MPWSP) to resolve the region’s water supply crisis.

Because of state and court ordered restrictions to the community’s primary water sources—the Carmel River and the Seaside Aquifer—the region’s water supplies will be reduced over the next decade to less one-half the current supply. The MPWSP will provide a sustainable, drought-proof water supply for the Monterey Peninsula.

The contract for design, construction and commissioning of the plant is approximately $87 million. CDM Smith ranked the highest on a combined business, technical and cost evaluation of four firms that submitted proposals during a 9-month procurement process. Design-build delivery was chosen for the facility to expedite the project schedule, streamline administrative processes and guarantee costs. Design of the project will begin immediately, with construction planned to begin in November 2015, and plant start-up anticipated in mid to late 2017.

The desalination plant will include: pre-treatment filters; buildings for operations, reverse osmosis process and electrical equipment, and chemical storage/feed facilities; washwater clarification, brine storage and pumping, and treated water storage and pumping.

California American Water provides water and wastewater services to more than 600,000 residents of 50 communities throughout California, and is an industry leader in safety and conservation.

CDM Smith

desalinization in Ca

Hopefully it won't take over 10 years for permits like it has in So. California for desalinization facility in HB.

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