Des Moines Water Works Selects Klorigen for On-site Disinfection

Electrolytic Technologies Corp. was selected by the Des Moines Water Works to supply two Klorigen sodium hypochlorite generation systems for the Fleur Drive Water Treatment Facility. Each plant will generate up to 750 lb per day of equivalent chlorine in a safe liquid form.

The North Miami Beach, Fla.-based company was selected by Des Moines on the basis of its state-of-the-art technology for water disinfection and overall cost effectiveness when compared to other onsite systems, both from infrastructure and operating perspectives.

Garry Benjamin, Director of Engineering- Des Moines Water Treatment said, " After an extensive due diligence process which included visiting sites where each technology was used and after significant financial modeling, the utility selected Electrolytic Technologies Corporation’s Klorigen product."

Ian Lawrence, Electrolytic Technologies’ Sales Manager said, "Many water treatment plants are beginning to evaluate and implement safe and cost effective alternative methods for water disinfection".

Electrolytic Technologies Corp.

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