Deloitte, Telispark to Provide Water Corporation with Mobile Computing Field Service Solution

Deloitte and Telispark, leading providers of enterprise mobility applications, have been awarded a contract to provide The Water Corporation, Western Australia's main supplier of water services, with a field service solution for over three hundred mobile workers.

The mobile computing system will allow the Water Corporation's operations and maintenance crews to resolve issues, dispatch solutions and provide feedback more effectively than before when working in local and remote locations.

The Telispark Mobile Enterprise(TM) solution enables reactive and preventive work orders to be delivered to field technicians in real-time, improving response time to both scheduled and emergency actions. As a work order is completed, the solution relays the status back to the dispatcher and is deposited directly into The Water Corporation's SAP system, helping to maintain more accurate data for enterprise resource planning and making dispatchers aware of progress in the field. The Water Corporation's field workers will be able to access Geospatial Information System (GIS) data, truck inventory, and technical and customer information from laptops and handhelds to complete more tasks within the first call.

"By working with Deloitte and Telispark, we will be able to improve our response to both scheduled and emergency repairs on water services and other plant and equipment. The system will save us significant time as it will allow our maintenance crews to immediately access detailed technical information and complete tasks during their first call, improving operational efficiency and crew utilization," Don Ward, the mobile computing project team leader at The Water Corporation, said.


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