Jun 18, 2010

Danfoss Drives Releases New Self Starter

Self Starter Features Acceleration Control, Smaller Size

Danfoss Drives has introduced a new self starter, the VLT Soft Starter MCD500 with Adaptive Acceleration Control (AAC). AAC enables users to select different acceleration and deceleration profiles according to specific application needs, which allows users to optimize performance and maximize energy efficiency.

Soft Starters are typically used to limit motor start current, or to control load acceleration and/or deceleration. The former is best accomplished with constant current control, and the latter is best accomplished with Adaptive Acceleration Control. The MCD500 offers both constant current and Adaptive Acceleration Control, making it useful for any number of water/wastewater, HVAC, industrial, and food and beverage applications, among others.

In addition, the MCD500 features a more compact size, significantly smaller than its MCD3000 predecessor. It also features an integral bypass contactor, support for eight languages and premium overload protection.