Apr 06, 2009

Danfoss Announces 2009 EnVisioneering Symposia Series

Locations and dates set for fourth consecutive symposia series

Danfoss has announced the following dates for its 2009 EnVisioneering Symposia Series:

• Symposium 10 – “Securing Our Water Supply,” June 13, San Diego. This event will consider how the U.S. ensures potable drinking water, an adequate water supply for crop rotation and water for energy production in the face of population growth and diminishing water resources.
• Symposium 11 – “Carbon Neutral, Energy Positive,” July 24, Washington, D.C. This symposium will explore the realistic avenues for leveraging energy efficiency in the built environment to drive a smaller carbon footprint for industry and commerce.
• Symposium 12 – “Tapping America’s Water Resources,” Oct. 10, Orlando, Fla. This forum will focus on wastewater, including energy requirements, pollutants and wastewater reclamation along with related technologies and pending legislation.
• Symposium 13 – “State of the Industry: Energy, Economy and Climate Change Under a New Administration,” Nov. 13, Washington, D.C. This roundtable discussion on industry issues will consider the federal economic stimulus package, energy bill, refrigerants and climate change bill as well as their implications for the HVAC&R industry.

“We are pleased to once again host the EnVisioneering Symposia Series,” said Robert Wilkins, president, Danfoss North America. “The 2009 series provides the opportunity to continue the energy dialogue we began in 2006. The events encourage individuals, policy makers and thought leaders to envision the most novel approaches, new technologies and creative applications needed for a more sustainable, reliable and secure energy future.”

This year marks the fourth consecutive year in which Danfoss has hosted the EnVisioneering Symposia Series. The company launched the series in August 2006 to create an ongoing dialogue among industry, the policy community and thought leaders in research and development.

For continuing updates on the 2009 EnVisioneering Symposia Series, visit: www.envisioneering.danfoss.com/symposium.