Dec 28, 2000

Dallas Receives 2nd Alert for Water Conservation

In response to a possible water shortage ahead, Dallas City Manager Ted Benavides has alerted the city to a "Stage 2" water watch, which calls for residents and businesses to conserve water voluntarily.

In the Dallas area, the main reservoirs, Lakes Lewisville, Ray Roberts and Grapevine, have seen water levels do down significantly. Dallas Water Utilities recently reported a record of 731.6 million gallons of water used in a day, which exceeds the previous record by 23 million gallons.

If residents and businesses do not respond the to Stage 2 alert, city officials charge heavy users more by setting progressive water rate, according to an article in the The Dallas Morning News.

Earlier this summer, another Texas city, San Antonio, managed water usage by sending officers into neighborhoods to make certain homeowners were not watering their lawns too frequently.

(Source: The Dallas Morning News)