May 21, 2010

CyberLock Brings Electronic Auditing and Access Control to Water Facilities

System of electronic lock cylinders and programmable keys gives water districts control over when and by whom critical areas can be accessed

Videx announced CyberLock, a system of electronic lock cylinders and programmable keys that gives water districts complete control over when and by whom critical areas can be accessed. The electronic lock cylinders, padlocks and keys audit openings and exceptions such as unauthorized attempts to gain access. This detailed audit reporting not only allows management to investigate incidents and head off potential problems but it helps them meet local and federal security mandates.

CyberLock aims to make it easy to quickly convert existing locks and padlocks into a full-functioning electronic access control system because it uses the lock hardware that is already installed on doors, gates, vaults and containers. Simply replace the mechanical cylinder in each lock with a CyberLock electronic cylinder. No wiring is required for installation.

Each authorized user’s key can be programmed with the specific access permissions they need to do their particular job: which locks they may open and when they may open them. The key can be set to expire at a certain time each day to prevent access after work hours and on weekends. If a key is lost, it can be quickly deactivated. Once the system is installed, CyberLocks have no keyway to pick and the electronic keys cannot be copied.

The use of stainless steel parts enhances the performance of CyberLock cylinders in the wet, corrosive environments found at water treatment facilities. With more than 245 cylinder designs, each CyberLock cylinder is built to the exact dimensional standards of the mechanical cylinder it is replacing. CyberLock cylinders can be installed just about anywhere a mechanical lock is present. A full line of electronic padlocks with CyberLock’s access and auditing capabilities is also available.