CU Water Commissions Critical Water Pipeline in Beaver County

CU Water, a subsidiary of ATCO Group, in partnership with the Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission, has officially "turned on the tap," bringing water and welcome relief to drought-stricken communities in Beaver County, located in east-central Alberta. The new pipeline extends the current treated water supply service to include the communities of Holden, Bruce and Viking.

Drought conditions and the high cost of maintaining independent water treatment facilities prompted this expansion of the water pipeline that previously served Ryley and Tofield.

The result is a 50 km pipeline extension that will bring a welcome supply of quality water. Construction of the project started in July and was fast-tracked significantly to meet the October deadline.

"We are extremely pleased to officially commission the pipeline today allowing us to serve the communities and their residents by delivering a reliable supply of high quality treated water to Viking, Holden and Bruce," says J.R. (Dick) Frey, Managing Director, Utilities, ATCO Group.

Ross Good, Board Chair of the Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission, emphasized the benefits of extending the pipeline that has been serving the area for 10 years. "The expansion of the pipeline allows more communities to share in the benefits of the pipeline and is an example of effective regional cooperation."

Local physician Dr. Kevin Jackman also is very pleased to see the pipeline commissioned. "This pipeline is good news for the health of the community, particularly our elderly residents. We can rest assured that our community, including the clinic, hospital and extended care facility have an abundant supply of high quality treated water," Jackman says.

The water pipeline extension was made possible by a grant from Alberta Transportation, through the Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership (AMWWP), which funded a major portion of the project. The AMWWP provides assistance to Alberta communities for clean, safe drinking water. CU Water, the owner and operator of the system, funded the remainder of the project.

ATCO Group

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