CSIR and Blue Print Technologies, Ltd. Perform On-site Testing at the Bafokeng Anglo Platinum Mine

Dr. Gene Shelp, president of ENPAR Technologies, Inc. announced that Blue Print Technologies, Ltd., supported by the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) of South Africa, is making significant marketing advances into the South African market for the company's DesEL system.
The DesEL System, ENPAR's patented capacitive deionization technology is designed to remove dissolved inorganic substances from drinking water and wastewater. The system has been successfully tested in the CSIR laboratory on several industrial effluents provided by Majuba Power Station, Vaal River Gold Mine, Grootvlei Gold Mine, Navigation Section of Landau Colliery, Namakwa Sands and Bafokeng Platinum Mine.
Based on the laboratory successes, on June 28, 2005 the team commenced on-site testing at the Bafokeng Anglo Platinum Mine using a mobile DesEL-10A unit designed to treat 24 m3/d. The unit will be operated for a period of 60 days by CSIR. Len Seed, vice president of product development & research at ENPAR, is now in South Africa to supervise the commissioning of the unit and to visit potential clients. Several other on-site testing programs are planned for the next 12 months. It is anticipated that successful testing
will result in full-scale installations in the near future.

ENPAR Technologies, Inc.

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