CSIA Adds New Members

The Control System Integrators Assn. has inducted, certified & recertified new members

The Control System Integrators Assn. (CSIA) announced the following control system integrator companies have joined the association:

  • •            AEG Systems SA de CV, Emiliano, Morelos, Mexico;
  • •            Cogent Industrial Technologies, Richmond, British Colombia, Canada;
  • •            Intelligent Systems Integrator EST, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia;
  • •            Matador Controls LLC, Palm Bay, Fla.;
  • •            NNE Pharmaplan, Morrisville, N.C.;
  • •            Outbound Technologies, New Hudson, Mich.;
  • •            Phantom Technical Services, Inc., Columbus, Ohio;
  • •            Proctek Inc., Bakersfield, Cal.;
  • •            Triad Systems Engineering, Inc., Sterling, Va.; and
  • •            Trutegra, Charlotte, N.C.

Two new partner members have joined the association:

  • •            Ocean Data Systems Ltd., Wayland, Mass.; and
  • •            TSi Power, Antigo, Wis.

Newly certified members include:

  • •            E-Technologies Group, West Chester, Ohio;
  • •            General Control Systems, Inc., Green Island, N.Y.;
  • •            Gersa Monterrey SA de CV, Santa Catarina, Mexico; and
  • •            JMP Engineering, Inc. – Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Recently recertified members include:

  • •            JMP Engineering, Inc. – London, Ontario, Canada; and
  • •            Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Pune, India.

To become a CSIA Certified member, a member company must pass an independent audit with stringent performance standards in nine management categories: general; human resources; marketing, business development and sales; financial; project; system development lifecycle; supporting activities; quality assurance; and service and support.

Certified members are reaudited every three years and recertified if they meet current performance standards. The certification criteria is spelled out in CSIA’s Best Practices and Benchmarks, the accepted roadmap for system integrator.

Control System Integrators Assn.

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