Sep 01, 2004

Sewer District to Help Restore Watershed

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District has received
Board approval to enter into Sponsorship Agreements with the City of Parma and
the West Creek Preservation Committee to help restore the West Creek Watershed.


This is a multi-community project that will benefit the
cities of Parma, Brooklyn Heights and Independence. Specific improvements
include controlling stream bank erosion, improving fish habitat and migration,
as well as controlling and reducing local flooding. According to District
Environmental Planner and Project Manager Mark Link, "This program is an
unprecedented opportunity to direct available money to help restore urban


This West Creek Watershed Improvement Program will be funded
through the Ohio EPA's Water Resource Restoration Sponsor Program (WRRSP). The
grant, which is tied to the Ohio EPA's low interest Water Pollution Control
Loan Fund program, will pay for the project at an estimated cost of $1.2 million.
Oxbow River and Stream Restoration, Inc. will begin designing the project this
winter with actual construction slated to begin in the summer of 2005. For more
information, please contact Mark Link at (216) 881-6600.