Jun 03, 2019

All-Aluminum Flat Cover Systems

All-Aluminum Flat Cover Systems

CST Ind. designs flat cover solutions for all water and wastewater applications that help control odorous emissions and prevent water intrusion. The flat panel covers are constructed of all-aluminum, providing characteristics unavailable in steel, plastic, fabric or any other materials of construction

Water and wastewater plants and storage facilities are increasingly turning to aluminum. In addition to low-maintenance, low-cost and low-profile advantages, the flat panel cover solutions are versatile enough to permit a range of accessories important to the water and wastewater industry.  

CST’s custom extruded formed and flat cover options are easy to install and remove as needed. Each flat panel cover is designed to meet customers specific functional and design loading requirements. Aluminum flat covers can be self-supported or supported with trusses and other structural members.

The all-aluminum construction provides the following features:

  • Corrosion Resistance. Aluminum is inherently corrosion resistant versus other alloys. It will last the lifetime of the structure and will not need to be painted or repainted for protection from the atmosphere.
  • Low Lifetime Maintenance Cost. With no corrosion or the need to repaint to protect the structure over time, there are little to no maintenance costs associated with an aluminum cover. 
  • Clear-Span Capability. Aluminum’s lightweight characteristics allow for a larger clear-span cover capability than structures utilizing steel, concrete and other materials.
  • Design Flexibility. Aluminum’s excellent strength-to-weight ratios and creative component design yield covers and structures that cannot be achieved with other materials.

Flat panel covers are designed to meet ASCE7-10 and IBC-2012 codes. 

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