Jul 21, 2017

Española, N.M., Improves Water Infrastructure

EPA funding will replace aging water lines to improve water system

New Mexico city replaces aging water lines

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded $649,000 to the city of Española, N.M., to replace aging, leaking water lines along Coronado Avenue to improve reliability of the city’s water system. 

“Our nation’s infrastructure is vital to public health and the economy,” said Administrator Pruitt. “Improving and modernizing water service will benefit those who visit, live and work in Española.”

“The City of Española is certainly grateful to the EPA for approving this appropriation that we have been waiting on for several years. The $649,000 grant is making it possible for the City to replace old, corroded water lines that are causing water loss. We have already replaced about two miles of water line along Coronado Street with state funding and this will allow us to complete the final leg of the project,” said Mayor Alice Lucero. “The City of Española, like other cities throughout our country, depends on EPA for funding to replace deteriorating infrastructure in our water and wastewater systems. Thank you and Senator Tom Udall for your efforts in the best interest of our constituents.”

The grant will fund the replacement of the current concrete water main, which is old, small and increasingly leaky. The new pipeline, double the size at 12 in. wide, will make the city’s water system more reliable for customers by increasing water flow transmission and distribution.

EPA funding helps smaller water systems develop capacity in order to reliably provide water to customers. Local officials and consumers play an important role in helping small water systems meet regulatory requirements and protect public health. Besides protecting public health, communities that support their water systems are making long-term investments in sustainability and economic well-being.