Corpus Christi to Host AMTA/SCDA Joint Technology Transfer Workshop in February

The AMTA/SCDA Joint Technology Transfer Workshop for water utilities and municipalities concerned with providing a safe, reliable and cost-effective water supply for their communities will be held Feb. 8-9, 2006 in Corpus Christi, Texas.
The workshop will provide information for agencies, water treatment operators, supervisors, superintendents, managers, planners, engineers, consultants and manufacturers interested in the latest membrane treatment advances and applications, as well as university professors and students interested in on-going research and development of membrane technologies.
The workshop’s theme is Advances in Technology and Operator Training. Session topics include microfiltration/ultrafiltration pretreatment, advances in membrane bioreactor technology, seawater reverse osmosis cost reductions and advances, advances in pressure vessels, a facility tour of the San Patricio microfiltration water treatment plant, 20 plus years of operating experience, a case history of the San Antonio water system and more. Keynote presentations include the state’s role in advancing desalination technologies and Corpus Christi's role in Governor Perry's desalination program.
Major event sponsors include Afton Pumps, Inc., Calder, Energy Recovery, Inc. and Pump Engineering, Inc. The brochure and registration form are available at


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