May 11, 2020

WEF Makes WEFTEC 2020 Hybrid Exhibition Announcement

The latest updates from WEF regarding this year's WEFTEC

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WEF President Jackie Jarrell and WEF Executive Director Walt Marlowe announced a WEFTEC 2020 Coronavirus Update Post.

WEFTEC will continue to be held this year, “whether in hybrid form with both in-person activities and online components or as a full virtual event.” 

WEFTEC, WEF’s flagship event scheduled for October 3 to 7, 2020, in New Orleans, is a critical way that our community comes together to connect water professionals, enrich their expertise, increase the awareness of the value of water, and provide a platform for water sector innovation,” said the WEF update post. “We know that COVID-19 (coronavirus) is having a profound impact on all of you and the timeline for recovery is uncertain. We know you want to understand what this means for the WEFTEC exhibition and for you as an exhibitor. Everything is moving fast, and we are still in the process of creating the platform for exhibitors and attendees. These are some of the questions we've been getting recently. As we have more details, we will send additional updates.”

The latest WEF update answers a couple of questions: 

“What will the hybrid/virtual exhibitor showcase look like?

Exhibitor showcases will be available with a range of components including custom branding, lead collection, product photos, video, matchmaking, meetings and exhibitor presentation options. We will be scheduling a demo to give you a better idea of everything available.

What are the details of the hybrid/virtual exhibitor showcase packages?

Details about showcase package availability and pricing should be available by June 2.

By what date will WEF decide to cancel the in-person component of WEFTEC?

A decision to cancel the in-person portion would be made no later than 10 to 12 weeks before the event (July). Decisions about the in-person portion will be driven by: CDC guidance; federal and state regulations and/or restrictions on gatherings; and whether the convention center and hotels are available for our use. We understand that the earlier the decision can be made, the better exhibitors and WEF can control costs and financial exposure. WEF will continue to monitor the evolving situation and make the best decision as early as possible. WEF knows how important WEFTEC is to our industry. However, we will always put our attendees’ and partners’ health and safety as the top priority. 

What if WEF cancels the in-person component of WEFTEC? Do I receive a refund?

In accordance with the Exhibitor License Agreement, if WEFTEC is cancelled then WEF will refund exhibitor booth space payments, less any share of expenses that WEF pays in connection with producing WEFTEC. How much WEF will retain depends on the amount of the actual expenses incurred. 

Can the refund from the in-person component cancellation be transferred to the WEFTEC 2020 hybrid/virtual event or WEFTEC 2021?

Yes, exhibitors will have the option of transferring this refund toward the 2020 hybrid/virtual event or WEFTEC 2021.

How do priority points work?

  • Exhibitors who exhibit in-person will earn one point as they normally would.
  • Exhibitors who participate in the hybrid or virtual exhibitor showcase will earn 1 priority point
  • Exhibitors who cancel will not earn points. Exhibitors who cancel will only lose points if this is their second consecutive year not exhibiting.

What are the registration dates?

WEFTEC attendee registration for the event in New Orleans opened May 5. Exhibitor badge registration and access to the 2020 attendee list opens June 2. Hybrid events registration for attendees will be added to the WEFTEC attendee registration portal in June.

Updated Exhibitor FAQs

Review the complete updated Exhibitor FAQs online here."

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