May 07, 2004

Patent to Run Engines on Water Will Go to Highest Bidder

It's a story that is unique in every way. A successful inventor creates an innovative new technology that converts typical engines into pollution free motors. And what this entrepreneur plans to do with his patent-pending technology is what makes the story even more unique. The inventor will auction it off on eBay between May 10 and May 20.

When installed on a gas combustion motor, the conversion kit allows the motor to run on a variety of alternate fuels or gasses and be virtually pollution free. Inventor Ronald R. Meritt has designed the conversion kit to allow motors to run on either flammable or non-flammable fuels, meaning that a properly converted motor using this technology may run on just about any gas or liquid – including water.

Meritt began working on this technology back in the 1970s when the gasoline crisis was at its peak. But he set aside the uncompleted project to pursue other ventures.

With gas prices potentially rising to as much as $3 per gallon and the United States' increasing dependence on foreign oil, this technology has new significance and potential. So Meritt recently resurrected the project and after months of fine-tuning now has finalized a working prototype.

Unlike the highly publicized fuel-cell or hydrogen technologies currently in development, this motor conversion kit is different because it is an upgrade kit that potentially could be installed on almost any gas combustion engine used in cars, trucks, boats and garden equipment.

Meritt successfully installed his invention on a small 100 cc motorcycle engine to prove its functionality and capabilities. The prototyped motor, which was recently evaluated at a fully licensed motor vehicle smog inspection station in California, emits a measured exhaust that is 99% pollution free. What's more, the conversion kit allows the motor to actually exhaust high levels of oxygen, making it possible to literally breathe the engine exhaust.

The design of the pollution-free motor is protected by a pending patent, and many of the modifications are trade secrets known only to Meritt and his development team. What can be mentioned is that there have been extensive internal and external mechanical and electrical modifications to the prototype motor. With further development, this first-stage technology has extensive market potential for use in cars, trucks, boats, tractors, gas powered garden equipment, generators and any other gas powered products.

Instead of the typical licensing avenues that similar technologies might be subjected to, Meritt has decided to try a somewhat unorthodox yet creative marketing angle. He will sell the rights to the technology and a working prototype on eBay to the highest bidder, with no minimum bid. The online auction start date will run from May 10 to May 20. The bids will be for the one-time technology transfer fee that includes pending patents, trade secrets, a fully functional prototype engine, and all documentation associated with this invention.

It will give the buyer full profit making capabilities with no future royalties going to Meritt International. Once purchased, the buyer is free to further develop the technology for as many industry applications as possible.

Meritt is confident that a corporation, university or entrepreneur will be able to acquire his technology and take it to the next level. "Some day we will deplete the global supply of oil, and when that happens, millions of gas combustion engines will be waiting for an alternative fuel. Whoever owns this technology owns the rights to a possible solution, and the opportunity to generate a lot of money," says Meritt.

When asked why he is selling the rights and not developing this potentially lucrative technology himself, Meritt responds, "It will require more development to take this technology to the next level. I have already managed a very successful company, and frankly, I need to keep my focus there rather than starting another new company from scratch. I really want to see this technology developed into a mainstream product that will help the environment, and I feel this is the best way."

Meritt founded Meritt International in San Luis Obispo, Calif., and is a successful inventor and product development specialist who may be best known as the inventor of the original portable car video player – Video Traveler.

His concept for mobile video units is currently being used in thousands of vehicles worldwide. Meritt is now using that expertise to bring new products to market and is adding a focus of developing "green products" that are environmentally friendly.