Nov 09, 2007

Control Microsystems Presents their 2007 Innovators Award

Control Microsystems Inc. (CMI), global developer of advanced SCADA equipment and software, announced today at the Remote Monitoring and Networking Conference in Scottsdale, that the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California has won the coveted Innovators Award for 2007. This annual award acknowledges the finest SCADA design and implementation program within Control Microsystems’ customer base.

"We are delighted to recognize MWD for their innovative approach and execution of a truly advanced SCADA network,” stated Dana Krause, President of Control Microsystems. “We commend the entire MWD team on this winning effort."

The Control Microsystems Innovators Award is given to the engineering team that displays the highest level of excellence and innovation in solving complex SCADA applications using Control Microsystems technology. MWD won the award for their unique work in developing a secure, state-of-the-art system for use in their resource management program including the distribution of fresh water over a wide area of Southern California.

“It is always rewarding to be recognized for hard work and forward-thinking solutions. Our team, in which we include Frank He as our Project Manager, our many professional IT, field and operations staff, FluidIQs as our system integrator and CMI as a major solutions provider, has been focusing on this project for a long time,” said David Henry, Program Manager at MWD. “We are proud of our accomplishments in ensuring that Metropolitan’s customers receive only the highest level of available technology, security and service.”

The Control Microsystems Innovators Award is issued annually following a comprehensive review of all the major SCADA projects that the company has been involved with. A committee of engineering and product line experts decides who will be honored each year.