Nov 11, 2015

Control Bentley License Overages with Software Metering

Product provides real-time alerting for a number of license-related conditions

Use SofTrack to eliminate your Bentley quarterly overages while facilitating your workflow. It blocks Bentley licenses from being used when an overage would occur, and your users will be placed in a priority queue and notified when their license is ready to use. It controls all Bentley products by Calendar Hour with a ten-minute minimum usage, matching Bentley's licensing model.

SofTrack includes real-time alerting by e-mail for:
• When Bentley licenses are fully in use;
• When Bentley license usage has been blocked and overage prevented;
• When a Bentley application is idle (open but not being used); and
• Optionally terminating idle applications.

Additionally, SofTrack provides real-time reporting on a concise Web page that your users can use to view who is currently using Bentley licenses, including currently queued users. It includes graphical reporting of Bentley license usage on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. It is licensed per workstation and terminal server session (including Citrix) where Bentley licenses are engaged.

SofTrack provides complete software control for applications and provides many other abilities, including:
• Tracking of user logon activity per workstation;
• Auditing of file creations;
• Auditing of file deletions;
• Auditing of file copying; and
• Blocking of file copying to USB and other devices

Contact Integrity today to schedule a customized Web demonstration of SofTrack.

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