Jan 30, 2007

Contractor Fired After Sewage Spill

A contractor was fired after due to a sewage spill at Mary Laveroni Community Park in Groveland, Calif.

Groveland Community Services District directors told the Union Democrat that of the seven bacteria samples taken following the spill, only one area showed signs of sewage.

Up to 4,500 gallons of water being flushed through a sewer pipeline at the park overflowed into First Garrote Creek last Wednesday. The creek leads to Pine Mountain Lake, but GCSD officials do not think the sewage made it into the lake.

Bacteria samples taken after the spill found sewage contamination near a manhole at the park.

The Union Democrat reports that a diversion pump installed along the creek likely caught the bacteria before it made its way to the lake. The creek was also flushed with non-chlorinated water.

The work performed by the contractor was part of routine maintenance, where workers clean the sewer line with water so a camera can be installed to survey pipeline conditions.

Coastline Water Resources of Sacramento, Calif., began working last Monday by videotaping the pipes much faster than their contract stated.

The next day, the company did not provide traffic control while working on the sewer.

On the third day, the contractors caused sewer-related problems at two Groveland businesses in addition to the sewage spill at the park.

The contract was suspended at that time, as the company did not plug a downstream manhole, which could have prevented the spill.

Coastline is potentially liable to pay the $11,350 difference between their price and the new contractor's, in addition to any fees that may be imposed by an agency like the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board or the California Department of Fish and Game.

GCSD directors were pleased with the district staff for responding to the spill quickly and effectively.