Jul 22, 2016

U.S. EPA Issues Partial Decision on Missouri’s 2016 Impaired Waters List

EPA welcomes public comments on proposal for 60 days

Missouri, impaired waters, pollutants, public comments

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its partial decision on Missouri’s 2016 list of impaired waters. EPA is approving Missouri’s list of 307 waters that are impaired by one or more pollutants and the removal of 16 water bodies from the list. The agency also proposes to add four water bodies and corresponding pollutants to the list. 

EPA welcomes public comment on its proposal. A 60-day public comment period ends Sept. 13. The agency will consider written public comments in reaching its decision on the additional water bodies identified for inclusion on Missouri’s final 2016 impaired waters list.

"Public waters are among the most valuable of natural resources that EPA and our state partners are dedicated to protect,” said Mark Hague, EPA Region 7 administrator. “The public has a role in this partnership, too, and we welcome all thoughtful comments on these proposed modifications.”

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources submitted its 2016 impaired waters list to EPA for review and approval. The federal Clean Water Act and related regulations require EPA to review the state’s list to determine if the state reasonably considered existing and readily available water quality-related data and information, and reasonably identified waters to be listed.

A water body is placed on the impaired waters list when monitoring finds that pollutant levels prevent the lake, river or stream from attaining its beneficial uses. A water body can be removed from the list if it meets its beneficial uses or if a pollution reduction plan for a water body is approved by EPA. Some of the beneficial uses in Missouri include recreation, water supply and maintaining healthy aquatic life.

The proposed additions to the list were excluded from listing or removed from Missouri’s list and include waters found to be impaired by metals or biological conditions. EPA used the state of Missouri’s listing methodology to make the assessments concerning these waters in accordance with the state’s EPA-approved water quality standards. A letter that explains EPA’s rationale is available via the link in the public notice at www.epa.gov/ks/region-7-public-notices.

Additional documentation is available upon request by contacting:

Bruce Perkins
Water, Wetlands and Pesticide Div.
Water Quality Management Branch
EPA Region 7
11201 Renner Blvd.
Lenexa, KS 66219

[email protected]