Contacting System Uses Gases to Extract Contaiminants

The systems are ideal for industrial & municipal water & wastewater applications

Mazzei Injector Co. LLC has released a new line of compact gas-to-liquid contacting systems that “put gases to work” in industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment applications. Mazzei’s patented GDT gas-liquid mass transfer systems are designed to transfer gases such as ozone, oxygen (from air or concentrated source), carbon dioxide for pH adjustment and air or inert gas for volatile organic compound stripping.

The GDT process incorporates patented Mazzei components including Venturi injectors, flash reactors and centrifugal gas-liquid separators working under pressurized conditions to drive gases into water and extract unwanted or unreacted products.

Brasil Ozonio, an ozone generator manufacturer, supported by the Center for Innovation technical incubator in Brazil, recently ordered three GDT-10 systems for applying ozone to industrial wastewater. One unit will be installed on a mobile treatment trailer with additional process technologies for onsite pilot testing to prove treatment process concept and performance.

The other two units will be used at a mining wastewater treatment lagoon study in the Poços de Caldas region. Between 1982 and 1995, the land was mined for uranium that fueled two nuclear reactors. After the mine production was exhausted, the exposed excavated tailings lagoon contaminated with manganese, uranium, cerium, lanthanum and other metals poses a risk for contamination of the nearby river used as source water for Sao Paulo drinking water.

Brasil Ozonio will address the problem by treating the water/slurry full of these metals with an ozonation, sedimentation, clarification, filtration and dewatering processes. Ozone is added at multiple application points with the GDT contactors to provide oxidation, disinfection and micoflocculation benefits for the process that recovers water and highly purified solids for metal recovery. It is estimated that up to 300 tons of uranium and 4 million lb of other valuable trace minerals will be recovered. The current treatment goal is to clean and recover nearly all the water for discharge to nature.

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