Dec 19, 2007

Congress sets aside $66 million for Tijuana River sewage treatment

An independent commission must decide between two facility options

The U.S. Congress recently set aside up to $66 million for a new sewage treatment facility on the Tijuana River, reported the San Diego Union-Tribune. Questions still linger about where the facility will be built and who will build it.

The new bill directs the International Boundary and Water Commission to report back to Congress after completion of an independent analysis of the two leading sewage treatment plans. The commission will choose the best option, and the decision will reportedly take at least four months to develop.

The two options appear to be to upgrade the existing wastewater treatment plant in San Ysidro or build a separate plant in Tijuana that has been proposed by Bajagua, LLC, of San Marcos.

The facility in San Ysidro handles about 25 million gal of wastewater per day from Tijuana, but the San Diego Union-Tribune reports it hasn’t met U.S. Clean Water Act standards since it started operating in the late 1990s.