OMB Takes Up BABA Implementation | WWD Weekly Digest

Aug. 18, 2022
Build America, Buy America went into effect May 14, but implementation guidance is still forthcoming. Here's what you need to know.

For months, the U.S. EPA has been spearheading the implementation guidance for Build America, Buy America, a domestic preference law aimed at increasing domestic manufacturing for U.S. infrastructure. But EPA has recently turned that over to the Office of Management and Budget, which will be taking a whole of government approach.

Vanessa Leiby, WWEMA executive director, explains how this is impacting the industry’s movement toward getting water infrastructure projects and why the implementation guidance is such a challenging prospect.

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  • Intro | 0:00
  • Current status of BABA and its guidance | 1:08
  • Key BABA parameters for water industry professionals | 3:30
  • Impacts of BABA in the present and future sense | 7:18
  • Outro | 9:25

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