LuminUltra Launches Web-Based Training Center

Feb. 16, 2017
LuminUltra Academy explores risks posed by microorganisms in water systems

LuminUltra launched the LuminUltra Academy, a web-based training and certification center. This resource is available to anyone with an interest in learning more about how to monitor and manage the risks posed by microorganisms in water systems.

“We feel it’s our responsibility to simply and clearly explain how microbial monitoring can help better manage a variety of types of water systems,” said LuminUltra President and CEO Pat Whalen. “LuminUltra Academy provides on-demand training courses and downloadable resources for each of the sectors that our solutions support. The program we’re offering covers a wide range of information that goes far beyond just teaching how our solutions can be used—it also covers other microbiological testing methods, process control strategies, data analysis techniques and best practices for sampling."

LuminUltra Academy includes learning paths related to microbiological control in drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, oil and gas, fuels, cooling towers, metalworking fluids, product preservation, and pulp and paper. Industry-specific application training also is provided, along with training in the proper use of LuminUltra’s solutions. Advanced training courses in industry-specific topics are being added regularly. All current content is free, with premium content planned as part of future updates to the training and certification center.

For access to the LuminUltra Academy, please contact Applications Development Engineer Ashlee Donaher at [email protected].

Source: LuminUltra