TWMA Granted Increased Onshore Processing License

May 8, 2014
Capacity more than doubles at the company's Norwegian base

TWMA, a global provider of oil and gas waste management solutions, has been awarded an increased processing license by the environmental department of the Norwegian Authority. The license, allocated to the company’s Norwegian base in Mongstad, will see processing capacity more than double, from 30,000 tons to 75,000 tons per annum.

This granted application follows significant investment by the firm to ensure strict regulations were met to facilitate the additional waste, as stipulated by the Norwegian Authorities. TWMA worked to ensure additional produced waste fractions—namely recovered oil, water and rock solids—could be facilitated. The company also acted to certify that water disposal to sea, any resulting odour or increased noise levels were aligned with the necessary guidelines.

"We are really pleased to see this license come to fruition, having worked closely with the Norwegian Authority to implement modifications at our facility," said Leif Ove Svensen, TWMA’s Scandinavian regional manager. "The most significant of these changes includes the implementation of our on-site bioplant. This now allows us to effectively and efficiently handle recovered water in-house instead of contracting work out to a third party supplier.

"This award also comes at an ideal time for the company, positioning us strategically as we focus on various waste streams. The ability to now manage more than double what we could before enables better flexibility when dealing with large waste volumes—something which helps to elevate our position in the Norwegian market."

TWMA’s license will run for the foreseeable future, providing it continues to meet requirements as set by the Norwegian Authority, with the Mongstad plant receiving audits on an annual basis.

Source: TWMA