Waste Water Management, Inc.

Waste Water Management, Inc. is an engineering-based, service-oriented manufacturer of wastewater treatment and recycling systems and oil absorbent filters. Our expertise and vast array of products enable us to offer solutions to a wide range of environmental problems. Our market experience consists of providing sewer discharge, partial recycling, and full closed-loop recycling systems for the following applications, as well as manufacturing the oil absorbent filters used in the systems.
Wash, Rinse, and Process Water From:
Automated or Manual Car Washes
Truck and Bus Terminals
Vehicle Fleet Operations
Commercial Truck Washes
Train Washing
Solid Waste Haulers
Equipment Rental Companies
Aircraft Wash and Rinse Systems
Aggregate/Dump Trucks
Remanufacturing Operations
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Powder Coating Operations
Military Equipment
Salt and Fresh Water Marinas
Groundwater Remediation
Remote Operations
Oilfield Service Companies
Manufacturing Operations
Mining Operations


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