ML Separation & Conveying, Inc. is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of mechanical equipment solutions for wastewater treatment. Our products are primarily used for physical separation and material handling for all process stages in both the municipal and industrial markets, since 1965.

ML Separation & Conveying has developed a wide range of complementary standard products made from stainless steel. This allows our products to be used across all treatment stages and processes and can be tailored to the requirements of specific projects. Additional, ML has its own spiral forming capabilities.

The origins of shaftless screw technology are in Southeast Sweden. ML has been manufacturing spirals in the same factory since 1972.

ML was one of the pioneers of the use of shaftless screw conveyors to handle materials with a high risk of clogging. The conveyors, often designed together with screens, are available in various diameters up to 24” (620mm). Grit Classifiers and shaftless screw conveyors with a dewatering zone (i.e. compactors) are also available. Further developments have led to the design of the Screw Screen, vertical shaftless screw conveyors to increase flexibility with plant layout, and screenings washers.

ML Separation & Conveying, Inc. is also a leading supplier in the shafted screw conveyor market having acquiring the shafted screw technology of Spaans Bulk Handling Systems in 2004.

This combination blends nicely with the well-known ML shaftless screw technology for municipal dewatered sludge cake and screenings.

ML Separation and Conveying, Inc. also specializes in the manufacture, design and supply of not only new shaftless screw conveyors but also retrofitting existing screw conveyors. This includes supply of new spirals, wear liners, spray nozzles, slide gates, and slide gate actuators, seals, and electrical components such as motion detectors. Many of these parts can be found at our location or ordered online at


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