KMI Zeolite

For three generations, our family along with two long-term investment partners, have been mining, milling and distributing clinoptilolite zeolite. We believe that zeolite is an amazing mineral with a wide range of benefits and a bounty of common and commercial applications.

In 2016 we relocated our milling operations closer to our mine. We have invested in new milling equipment and larger facilities for packaging and loading. We are proud to continue to be a major supplier of this environmentally friendly organic certified mineral.

According to independent zeolite experts KMI “is unquestionably one of the largest and highest grade clinoptilolite deposits in the United States.” KMI has independently proven reserve amounts of 53,700,000 tons of high purity clinoptilolite zeolite. The drill core results were still in zeolite at depth and strike so it is likely the probably reserve amounts are closer to 100,000,000 tons.

KMI Zeolite is a powerful remediation and filtration media. It can absorb large quantities of ammonia and heavy metals like lead, zinc, mercury, copper, magnesium and much more.


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