Kliptank Ltd

Kliptank is a versatile above ground modular plastic and aluminium storage facility designed and manufactured in New Zealand.
Kliptank Ltd is the only internationally patented above ground clip together HDPE plastic bulk storage manufacturer and supplier of water storage tanks and effluent tanks. We also manufacture storage tanks for whey, molasses, wine, juice, oil and waste water treatment plants.
Our open top storage tanks are ideal for the storage of Dairy or related effluent at 2.0m high and range from 67,000 litres to 3,000,000litres.
Pitched roof storage tanks at 3.0m high capacity up to 1,200,000 litres for water storage, rain collection, community water supply or irrigation.
Kliptanks can be taken down and relocated.
Kliptanks only require a sand base no concrete pad required
Kliptanks by there very nature of clip together require between 3-5 days to assemble.
Kliptanks are supplied ,arrive flat packed to your site -perfect for transportation and or container.
Kliptank innovation in the storage space also includes;
See our website for this and the new KlipJet Oxy Aerator System


19 Poturi St
Tauranga, New Zealand 6121
New Zealand