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Save time. Save water. Save money. Stop cleaning clean pipe and focus collections maintenance resources with the SL-RAT® (Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool). Over 230 utilities around the world are already using our award-winning acoustic technology to screen 6”-18” gravity-fed sewers for blockages. Results from over 90 million feet of screening show that 65+% of pipes in the average utility do not need to be cleaned. This allows SL-RAT® users to prioritize cleaning resources to areas that need it the most. Thus reducing overflows and improving cleaning effectiveness. With the capability to assess approximately 2 to 4 miles per day at 1/10th-1/20th the cost of cleaning or CCTV, acoustic inspection can be a great preliminary screening tool that generates substantial cost savings. The highly-portable SL-RAT requires no flow contact and is GPS enabled. Data can be downloaded, analyzed, visualized and exported using the accompanying cloud-based Sewer Line Data OrGanizer or SL-DOG® software. A standard practice for using acoustic technology can be found in the ASTM Guide (F3220-17, Standard Practice for Prioritizing Sewer Pipe Cleaning Operations by Using Transmissive Acoustic Inspection).


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