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Tech Reviews
Oct 10 2018
BJM Pumps are suitable for difficult slurry, sand and sludge pumping applications. KZN Series submersible slurry pumps are engineered specifically…
Oct 4 2018
Changing the seal oil in the KZN Series of BJM pumps is not as difficult as it looks. Follow these 12 steps to complete the seal oil change. Make…
Case Studies
Oct 3 2018
A midwestern manufacturer produces a range of silica proppants. Proppants are solid materials, such as treated sand or ceramic particulate, that…
Sep 17 2018
FSMA regulations mean frequent wash-downs. BJM Pumps keep water and waste moving with no pump failures to maximize production time.
Sep 3 2018
Featuring patented dual-shredding technology, BJM’s shredder pumps with Rad-Ax obliterate difficult solids in wastewater applications for reduced…


Based in Old Saybrook, Conn., BJM Pumps manufactures, sells and services submersible pumps used in dewatering and wastewater applications. Its field-proven portfolio of solutions delivers long life with low maintenance requirements in challenging operating conditions for mining, food and beverage, power generation, construction, oil and gas, municipal, commercial, and other industrial customers. Its designs and product quality are matched by its high-touch customer service and network of highly trained expert distributors.


123 Spencer Plain Rd.

Old Saybrook, CT 06475

United States

Phone: 860.399.5937