Bio-Microbics, Inc.

With a worldwide emphasis on improving water quality, Bio-Microbics manufactures proven Wastewater and Stormwater treatment products that provide solutions for decentralized homes, communities, and commercial properties. Bio-Microbics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative—alternatives to centralized sewering—water, wastewater (land & sea), greywater, and stormwater treatment systems. Ideal for single-family homes to small municipalities, the decentralized technology adapt to a specific property’s needs to provide maximum treatment capacity, often exceeding local requirements, and be cost-effective, energy-efficient, and modular for installation and operation/maintenance. Our popular FAST®, SeptiTech® STAAR™, BioBarrier®, and RollsAIR® wastewater treatment systems deliver consistently high performance in a simple, pre-engineered, modular design for easy shipment around the globe. The FAST® (Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment) and RollsAIR® scale up for effective treatment in 150 - 2,500,000+ GPD [1 - 9000+ m3/D] applications to provide Fully Integrated Treatment Technologies…FITT® for the Purpose Intended. | (800) 753-3278 | [email protected]


8450 Cole Parkway
Shawnee, KS 66227
United States
Toll-free: 800-753-3278
Phone: 913-422-0707
Fax: 913-422-0808



219 Bletchley Park Drive
Friendsville, TN 37737
Phone: 707-290-8204

Denali Environmental Supply

18368 Amonson
Chugiak, AK 99567
Phone: 907-280-9493

Na Limra Tap Pure Company

Ad. Zone De Creation et d'Equipment No 05
Zeralda, Algeirs
Phone: 00213 233 230 34
Fax: 00213 233 230 34

AIM Environmental Industries

12380 E. Pinto Place
Dewey , AZ 86327
Phone: 928-632-3900
Fax: 928-632-0799

Alternative Septics of Arizona

5350 N. Flint Ave
Tucson, AZ 85704
Phone: 520-405-4726
Fax: 520-408-7342

Aguauy (RIS) Consultora Ingeniería y Servicios

Rambla Costanera 7817
Bara de Carrasco, Canelones
Phone: 598 2 603-9629
Fax: 598 2 916-1002

Hausner's Precast

608 Industrial Park Dr.
Mulberry, AR 72947
Phone: 479-997-1016

VanDerWall Engineering

3720 Main Street
Kelseyville, CA 95451
Phone: 707-279-4887
Fax: 707-279-4829

ACS Limited

800 Grand Avenue, Suite #A-9
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone: (760) 729-7913

AMS Precast Concrete Services LTD

930 Fleming Ave. (P.O. Box 420)
Penhold , ALBERTA T0M 1R0
Phone: 403-886-4852
Fax: 403-886-4853

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Decentralized Wastewater; Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite; Storm Water Treatment Systems; Small Systems; Wastewater Treatment Systems, Packaged

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