Sep 20, 2016

Sensus Smart Water Network Improves Nashville Metro Water Services

Utility now saves approximately $181,000 per month

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Nashville Metro Water Services (MWS) selected Sensus’ smart water network to improve operations. The utility deployed SR II water meters and the FlexNet communication system.

“Manual meter reading and data input can be subject to error, and re-reading meters was costly,” said Gary Ragland, customer service assistant manager of field activities for MWS. “We wanted to proactively alert our customers to potential water leaks, rather than wait for a call reporting a spike in water use.”

The FlexNet system is a long-range radio network that provides the utility a scalable and reliable communications infrastructure. MWS serves more than 191,000 customers in Nashville and surrounding counties.

MWS now collects meter data remotely and has reduced the cost per meter read by $0.95, saving $181,000 per month. MWS also has improved working conditions for its technicians, who no longer have to manually read meters in the field. 

“With Sensus’ technology, we can identify issues, such as leaks, in a timely manner without making multiple trips,” Ragland said.

To learn more about the utility’s smart water network, read the case study.