Jun 29, 2016


AIQUEOUS's WaterWays tool available on FATHOM store

Water utilities, technology

AIQUEOUS announced a new partnership with FATHOM Water Management Inc. AIQUEOUS will offer its online WaterWays tool through the FATHOM store, an online marketplace for new technologies for water utilities.

WaterWays is an online tool that helps water utilities complete projects that require coordination with both customers and private contractors. A single online platform, WaterWays streamlines projects, people and documentation into one management tool.

"Utility directors rely on private contractors to implement many of their programs, and are frustrated with the lack of transparency and oversight that goes along with it," said Jonathan Kleinman, president of AIQUEOUS. "WaterWays offers utilities an intuitive, affordable and flexible platform to manage their complex water loss, water quality and conservation initiatives."

WaterWays simplifies the operation and impact of common utility programs such as:

  • Backflow prevention inspections;
  • Water conservation and rebates;
  • Summer peak demand reduction; and
  • Surface water quality protection.

The FATHOM store is a secure data integration platform that connects water utilities with technologies that help assemble business processes, recover revenue and engage with customers. FATHOM's team thoroughly vets each product submitted for consideration and selects only tools that meet FATHOM's standards for inclusion. Through open application program interfaces (APIs), technology companies can exchange data and utilities with FATHOM to deliver maximum value.

Utilities can now easily access and acquire WaterWays without risks.

"Nationwide, more than 56,000 water systems are searching for technologies that can help them make the most efficient use of ever-dwindling resources. Unfortunately, finding, vetting and integrating new technologies demands a level of investment most cannot afford to make—until now," said Trevor Hill, FATHOM CEO. "Through the FATHOM store, we are connecting technology innovators, like AIQUEOUS, directly to the utilities that need their support most. By mitigating the time and financial commitment required to modernize water utilities' processes, we are propelling the Smart Grid for Water into reality."

Visit the FATHOM Store at https://store.gwfathom.com.