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Nov 28, 2011

Comments on Fluoridation

Last week we posed a question on whether or not municipalities should add fluoride to drinking water in an effort to improve dental health. We received an impressive number of comments and we want to thank everyone for taking the time to write.

Based on responses submitted, it appears that there are many facilities that do not add fluoride to their water. Many of these facilities said that they didn’t add fluoride because they had naturally occurring fluoride in their raw water supplies.

However, systems that add fluoride questioned whether this was the most effective way to achieve the desired health benefits because less than 1% of the total water produced is actually consumed.  

Although many agree with the positive benefits of fluoridation specifically for children, main concerns about fluoridation, according to reader responses, involved economic issues due to the growing cost of fluoridation, as well as concerns over potential future regulations that may require facilities with naturally occurring fluoride in their raw water supplies to reduce levels below the current limit.

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