Detroit’s major sewer interceptor connecting tunnel | 2022 WWD Top Projects

Jan. 19, 2023
A connecting tunnel allows inspection of a sewer interceptor for the first time in 90 years.

Detroit has three major sewer interceptors that help manage surges in flow from storms. One of those tunnels had not been inspected in 90 years. The Great Lakes Water Authority initiated a connecting tunnel project to divert flow from one tunnel to another so it could be inspected as part of its asset management program.

GLWA Manager of Systems Operations Mini Panicker, FK Engineering Associates President Fritz Klingler and Jaydee Contractors Project Manager Curtis Rozelle discuss the project, the challenges of the urban environment, and the benefits it brought to GLWA.

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  • Intro | 0:00
  • Impact on community | 1:01
  • Catalyst for project initiation | 1:56
  • Flow control considerations | 3:47
  • Challenges of an urban environment | 6:03
  • Lessons other systems can learn | 8:52
  • Outro | 10:14

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