Stantec to design dewatering pump station for NEORSD

Nov. 29, 2023
Stantec will lead the design of the Southerly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station, the third and final large pump station for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s combined sewer overflow program.

Stantec, a design and engineering firm, has been selected to lead design of a dewatering pump station to better mnage combined sewer overflows for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

The Southerly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station (STDPS)  is the third and final large pump station for NEORSD’s combined sewer overflow (CSO) program, which has been in progress for 13 years.

The goal of the program is to reduce CSOs to the environment over 25 years and capture 98% of CSO flow in a typical year, as required by the U.S. EPA. When complete, Stantec will have led design for all three deep tunnel dewatering pump stations.

The STDPS will be used to dewater 54 million gallons per day from NEORSD’s Southerly Tunnel System. It will be located in a 65-foot diameter shaft with screening and grit collection and is currently planned to use six pumps to discharge into a near-surface collection chamber.

“Our team is eager to get to work on this milestone pump station, and we appreciate the opportunity to continue work on this important program,” said Vito Cimino, Stantec project manager and civil designer. “We have been part of the design of NEORSD’s deep tunnel dewatering pump stations for this program from day one, and we are committed to successful completion.”

The Easterly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station, the Westerly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station, and the new STDPS will each play a significant role to reduce CSO in the greater Cleveland area for systems where dewatering using gravity isn’t feasible. The STDPS is expected to be fully operational in 2029.